BETTER AGING Mattress with optimal thickness
with proper spine support and
excellent level of support for both your head and neck
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MATTRESSES Getting a good night’s sleep is important to your rest
and physical recovery.
The healthy you sleep, the healthy you are.
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our brand MATTRESSES A leading manufacturer of quality high density
mattresses knitted and quilted for your comfort
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our brand PLASTICS High quality plastics products for both
domestic and commercial uses
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The Manufacturer of high Quality Mattresses and Plastic products


Royikems Industries Ltd (RIL) is a Ugandan reputed company which started its journey on 25th  November 2013. RIL is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of a comprehensive range of Products including Mattresses and disposable plastic products in Uganda and many parts of Africa. We have earned reputation to maintain a well defined quality control policy as per international standards of manufacturing and are certified by ISO 9001:2015

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading manufacturer of high quality products in East and Central Africa.


Our Goal

We seek as the first intention of all our business activities to delight our customers every day.


Our Mission

To produce diversified high quality products that are durable and affordable through efficient distribution systems.

Our Brands




Since the founding of Royikems Industries Ltd in 2013, Rosefoam, has grown to be a premier brand of mattresses known for high quality, durability and unmatched comfort. It has become one of the most coveted  mattress brands in Uganda . In recent years, we have opened new markets in Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and we continue to penetrate more markets in Africa.



Five star plastics  is a subsidiary company of Royikems industries Ltd. It is engaged in manufacturing  a comprehensive range of disposable plastic products in Uganda. We have earned a reputation to maintain a well defined quality control policy as per national standards of manufacturing.   Our aim is to maintain quality standards, and provide the best products to our customers.

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